Kindly read the general guidelines before filling the OE Form.


1.Fill in the Online Enquiry form carefully as it will be printed out and treated as an authenticated document for future school records.
2.All fields to be filled in block letters. Fields marked with * are mandatory.

3.Do check the age criterion before applying to the concerned class.

4.Due to security reasons no special characters are allowed except in email.Use space in the place of special characters.

5.Communication will be via email ID:

6.Registration is not an assurance of admission. It will not be possible for school to accommodate all registered candidates. Registration will be valid till the end of April, prior to the commencement of the academic year.

7.Once the admission is confirmed, payment is to be made as per the fee details provided by the school. In case the payment is not made by the specified date, the provisional admission will be cancelled and the vacancy will be offered to another candidate.

8.After filling up the Online Enquiry form, change in Second language / Third language will not be entertained.

9.To submit the form, you are required to agree to the declaration at the end of the Online Enquiry form.

10.Filling up of this form does not guarantee admission.

Accept & Agree