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CCA Achievements

Aurobindo House

“Humanity is Next to Divinity”

Secondary Wing

  • Abhishek Anirudhan (XII C) was awarded ‘Best Delegate’ for ECOSOC at the HPS MUN for the year 2012.He is the author of an essay on ‘cyber crime’ that was quoted by Ambassador Susan Rice at the UN Security Council debate. Represented the school at CBSE heritage India quiz.
  • Anirudh Pendyala (XII B) was awarded “Special mention” in the BITS MUN 2012 for representing Canada in NATO. He reached the semifinals of “YUVA SANGARSH 2012” conducted by Ramakrishna math. He also took part in the HPS MUN 2012 representing Italy in NATO.
  • Aishwarya.C (XII C) was a part of the “YUVA SANGARSH 2012” conducted by Ramakrishna math.
  • Aditi Myakal (XI C) the assistant house captain is a classical dancer and a theatre artist. Her play has been selected for Kerala theatre fest in the year 2012.
  • Varsha (XI C) has secured 1st prize in essay writing competition .she also won 2nd prize in elocution .she was one of the finalists of “YUVA SANGARSH” conducted by Ramakrishna math.
  • Supujitha (XII B) won 1st prize in Add-Mad and “What’s the good word?” that was conducted in the Bhavans fest.
  • Sahaja (XI B) secured 1ST prize in dance and “What’s the good word?” conducted in the Bhavans fest.
  • Satyendra (XI C) secured 2nd prize in inter-school dance competition.
  • Yeshasvini (X G) bagged 1st position in Sciensation.
  • S.Nanda Kumar (VII F) secured 2nd prize in essay writing competition.
  • Sunidhi.G (VII G) bagged 1st prize in dance competition that was conducted by the Indian cultural association.
  • Aradhana (x g) secured 1st position  in Hindi elocution.
  • Nipun Mehra (VIII C) bagged 1st prize in epic quiz and 2nd prize in J.A.M.
  • Sriyansh won 1st prize in Abacus
  • Sai Ganesh (VII E) won 2nd prize in Igenius.
  • Naren (VII H) won first prize in JAM competition.
  • Rishita (VI C) secured 1st prize in dance competition.
  • Vaishnavi (VI E) won 1st prize in music competition.

Our house secured the 3rd prize in girls group singing competition for class IX.

Primary Wing

  • Priyanker (V J) won the 2nd prize in Hindi recitation competition.
  • Pragna C (V C) won the 3rdprize in Solo Singing competition.
  • Anushka patnaik (IV D) bagged the 1st prize in creative writing competition
  • Ashwin (IV F), Shriya (IV B), Anushka Patnaik (IV D)  & Shreya Harshita (IV D) secured 2nd prize in G.K competition.
  • B.Varsha (III A) bagged the 2nd prize in creative writing competition and Telugu recitation competition.
  • Hemanth (III i) won the 1st prize in drawing competition.
  • Shika (III F) was awarded 3rd prize in JAM competition.
  • Titiksha (II H) won 2nd prize in the drawing competition.
  • S.Arunachaleswaran (II H) bagged 3rd prize in Hindi recitation competition.
  • Rithu Krishna (II A) was awarded 2nd prize in story telling competition.
  • Sudeendra (II B) secured 2nd prize in spell bee competition.
  • P sudeeksha (I B) secured 2nd prize in Creartive Writing & 1st prize in Roller Skating conducted by Youth Sports association.
  • M Dakshitha (I F) secured 1st prize in Clay modeling.

Lord Buddha House

“Time is Precious”

Secondary Wing

  • Tania Nambiar ( X-G) won second place in “What’s the Good Word”.
  • Rakshita Pandey ( X-G)  won the second place in “What’s the Good Word”.
  • P.Sujit of X F qualified for the finals of the Sciensation Quiz. He was also awarded High Distinction in the Austalian Chemistry Quiz.
  • Sunandita of X G bagged the Third Position in Hindi Elocution.
  • Hrithik Saha of X B was the Runner-Up in the Sciensation Quiz.
  • Sathyadeep, of Class VIII E reached the state level in the Spell Bee competition and is also a prodigious tennis player.
  • Rishita, of Class VIII F won the first prize in The Mahatma Gandhi Exam.
  • Krishnapriya of Class VII D won the gold medal in the dance competition.
  • V.Samhitha, of Class VI G, got the 2nd place in the solo singing competition.
  • N.Nikhil, won the 1st Prize in the Solo singing competition.

Our  House were the runners up in the group singing competition (Class VIII)

Primary Wing

Individual (internal and external) Achievements

  • Sai Srujitha of ( I F )won the 2nd prize in drawing competition.
  • K. Suprathik Reddy, ( I G )bagged the 2nd prize in the Telugu Recitation Competition.
  • Aashritha Vikas, (I D) got 2nd prize in solo singing competition
  • Harsh Vardhan Singh Chauhan, (II G) won the 1st Prize in both drawing and the Creative Writing Competitions.
  • Aashanka Gowswami, ( II H) won the 1st Place in the English Recitation and Story Telling Competitions.
  • G.V. Karthikeya (II A) won the 1st Prize in the Telugu recitation Competition
  • G. Sourpeet Dey, of Class III J, and Meghana Halder of Class III F, got the 1st and 3rd positions respectively, in the creative writing competition.
  • Megahana Halder (III F)also got the 3rd position in the solo singing competition.
  • Meghana Halder (III F) and Merlin Michelle D’souza( III i), got the second position in the ‘Just A Minute’ competition
  • Soupreet Dey, ( III J), and R. Akanksha, (III H) won the 1st and 2nd place in the Spell Bee competition.
  • Sagarika Rao ( IV F )came 1st in the drawing competition.
  • Dhruv, (IV F) came 1st in the Hindi recitation competition.
  • Mayuka, (IV A) came 1st in the Telugu recitation competition.
  • Veena, ( IV E) and Jai Prana (IV D), came 2nd and 3rd in the Solo singing competitions respectively.
  • Sai Keerthi, (IV B), got the 1st Prize in a Science Fair conducted by St. Joseph School, Kurnool.
  • K. Aakash, (V D) is a rising star who won 1st place in Drawing, Creative Writing, Hindi Recitation, and English elocution.
  • Harishankar Nair,( V F)won the 2nd Position in Creative Writing.
  • Sanjana, of Class{ V “J”}, won 3rd Place in the English Elocution.

Our House won 2nd Place in  G.K Quiz.

Mahaveer House

“Right faith, Right knowledge, Right conduct”


  • Maheshwari (VI – B) attended a film making camp sponsored by Times of India. She also participated in A.P state assembly debate.
  • Krishna Tejasvini (VII – B) won 7 prizes in various Bharatanatyam competitions organized by Koumati Academy.
  • Aasrita (VII – A) stood 1st in Goba Singing competition.
  • Vasudha (VIII – G) won 2nd and 3rd prizes in Kalasagaram singing competition and also stood 1st in Andhra Balananda Sangam singing competition.
  • Prajakta of class IX-G has a distinction from the Trinity College, London, for guitar
  • Sri Kireeti of class X-A has produced directed and also acted in a short film named “Taata Vihadha gaadha”.  He also won 1st and 2nd prices in SICA Music competitions.
  • G.Madhu Sree of class XI-B got a National rank of 13 in Green Olympiad. She also won a consolation prize in an elocution competition organized by Lions Club.
  • Apoorva Gudhihal represented France in BITS Model United Nation held at Hyderabad Public School. She got Best Delegate award in HRC and 3rd for working paper. She also won 3rd prize in inter house elocution and also got a consolation prize in solo singing.
  • S.K.Jannifer Ali ( XI-B) won KORASALA Art competition.
  • K.Rupesh (XI-C) won 2nd prize in Math and English Olympiad.

Our House stood 2nd in Group singing and GK Quiz ( Cl-X).

Primary Wing

  • A.Vissmita (Cl-I/H) stood in second in English recitation & Story telling.
  • Manya Sahasra( Cl-I/i) stood irst in Hindi recitation
  • K.Suprathi (I-G) won the 2n dprize in Telugu Recitation
  • B.Harshana ( Cl-II/E) stood first in Creative writing.
  • Krishna Kiriti ( Cl-II/E) stood in foist in Spell Bee Competition.
  • Srujitha (I-F) won the 2nd prize in drawing competition.
  • Shambhavi Chandra of class III J won 2nd prize in English recitation .She also won 2nd prize in Hindi recitation.
  • Anushkha Mukherjee (Cl-IV/J) stood in second position in Drawing Competition.
  • S.Adhithri ( Cl- IV/H) stood first in Spell Bee Competition.
  • P.Pranathi ( Cl-V/H) stood second in Drawing Competition.

Ramakrishna House

“Work Is Worship”

Secondary Wing  

  • Yeshwanth (Cl-VI) got 3rd prize in hip-hop dance competition.
  • Sudeepthi  of (Cl-VI) won 3rd prize in colorama colouring competition.
  • Mohan of (Cl-VI) won 3rd prize in Kalabharati Drawing Competition.
  • Nimisha (Cl- X /C) won 3rd prize winner in Interschool  Debate.
  • Navya of class X G won 3rd prize in Bhagavadgeetha recitation.
  • Vrinda Singh of class XI B bagged 2nd prize in essay writing competition held by IICT&3rd prize in inter school GK Quiz.
  • Bhusaank (Cl- XI) got 6 rank in science Olympiad.
  • K Vaishnavi (Cl- XI) won the JAM – Just a minute and the singing competition held by VWA Youth Secretary .
  • Aishwarya (Cl- XII) was declared the best delegate in HPS MUN 2012.She was a semi-finalist in Times Scholars 2012 and the finalist in Yuv Sangharsh 2012.
  • PV Brahmani Priya (Cl- VII) won 2nd prize in Just a minute talk.
  • Gayathri (Cl-IX) came 2nd in Hindi elocution and 3rd in English elocution.
  • Deepthi (Cl-X/ A) won Bronze medal in 400m race. She won 1st prize in Telugu Elocution and 3rd prize in Bhagavatha Padyalu.

Primary Wing

  • Sai Haneela of (Cl-IV) came 2nd in creative writing and 3rd in Telugu Recitation.
  • Vigneshwar of (Cl-IV) came 1st in English elocution.
  • Vivek Menon of (Cl-V) came 1st in Spell Bee contest.
  • Anantha of (Cl-V) came 2nd in Telugu recitation.
  • Shashidhar of (Cl-V) came 3rd in Telugu recitation and 2nd in English elocution.

Saradamata House 

“Manners Maketh Man Perfect”

Secondary wing

  • Bhanu Teja (Cl- VI/A) secured First position in Group singing.
  • Juhi (Cl- VII/D) secured Third Position in solo singing. Anisha (Cl- VII/F) secured first position in Mahatma Gandhi Essay writing Competition & second position in Cross Country Race.
  • Bhargav (Cl-VIII/F) secured First Position in an External Mrudangam Competition.
  • Awani Ambhorkar (Cl-IX/C) secured Second Position in What’s The Good Word.
  • Allan S Michael (cl-IX/D) secured Second Position in the District Level Swimming Competition.
  • Dedeepya (Cl- X/A) Participated in the International Film Festival held at Italy. She was also into Limca Book of Awards.
  • Bharavi (Cl- X/A) secured First Position at Bhagavata Padyalu Competition. Vinish Reddy (Cl- X/G secured First Position in G.K Quiz.
  • Kaushik (Cl-X/G) secured Second position in District Level Kalasagaram Violin Competition.
  • Vishakha Isaac (Cl-X/G) won third Position at Kulpathi Munshi Bhavans Platinum Jubilee Essay Writing Competition.
  • A.Shamili Sri of class X-B entered into the Limca Book of World Records. She also performed in 150th Birthday celebrations of  swami Vivekanda held at Rama Krishna Mutt.

Primary wing

  • A.Sai Gargi (Cl- II/F) secured Third position in Solo Singing.
  • Tanmay Khambeti (Cl-II/H) secured Second position in both English & Hindi Recitation Competition. Kartika (Cl- II/I) secured third position in Drawing Compitation.
  • Brahvish Raj (Cl-II/i) Secured Second position in Creative Writing Competition. M.Sai Yukta (Cl- III/A) secured First position in Telugu Recitation Competition
  • A. Sai Bhuvaneshwari (Cl- III/D) secured Second position in English Recitation Competition.
  • M.S.Anjali Arya (Cl- III/E) secured Third position in Drawing and Coloring Competition. T.V. Sarga (Cl- III/H) secured Third Position in Spell Bee competition
  • Kalyani (cl-IV/B) secured Second Prize in Telugu Recitation.
  • Krishna Pradhi (cl-V/A) secured Third position in Creative Writing.
  • K.Amani (cl-V/G) secured First position in Telugu Recitation & Second position in Drawing competition.

Swami Vivekananda House

“Deeds not Words”

Secondary Wing:

  • Sravani (Cl-XII/C) is a record holder in the Limca Book of records for her dancing achievements. 
  • Nilabjitha (Cl-XI/A) won the 3rd prize in the book review competition 
  • Suprovo (Cl-XI/C) bagged the 2nd prize in Tiranga drawing competition and the 3rd prize in dramatics.
  • Kuvalaya Datta (Cl-XI/A) bagged the 1st prize in the UN Telugu essay writing competition. He won the 2nd prize in the music competition held at Bhakta Ramadasa Music College

Primary Wing

  • Inti Jahnavi (Cl-II/B) bagged the 3rd prize in Telugu recitation.
  • P.Sreenidhi (Cl-II/E) bagged the 1st prize in solo singing and 3rd prize in creative writing.
  • Aaron Barthawal (Cl-II/G) got the 1st prize in Hindi recitation and 3rd prize in English recitation.
  • M.Sai Nikhila (Cl-III/B) won 3rd prize in English recitation  
  • P.Bhagavathi Bhavya (Cl-III/G) won 2nd prize in solo singing 
  • Hrishikesh Anish (Cl-III/J) won 3rd prize in spell bee.
  • Advaith Ray (Cl-IV/C) won 1st prize in solo singing and 3rd prize in the drawing competition.
  • Ichha Munshi (Cl-IV/E) won the 2nd prize in English elocution and the 3rd prize in creative writing.
  • M.Sai Nikhila (Cl-III/B) won 2nd prize in the drawing competition conducted by Gowtham Model School.
  • Bhargav (Cl-IV/E) won the 3rd prize in spell bee.
  • U.Sai Krishna (Cl-IV/J) won the 2nd prize in spell bee.
  • T.Nandana (Cl-IV/J) won the 3rd prize in English elocution 
  • Pragna (Cl-V/C) won the 3rd prize in solo singing.
  • B.Archana (Cl-V/E) won 3rd prize in Hindi recitation and drawing competition. 
  • Aditya (Cl-V/E) won the 2nd prize in solo singing.
  • Meenakshi (Cl-V/J) won the 1st prize in solo singing.